PAWN (2020) REVIEW: The Story of an Intact Family that Makes Tears Fall

Korean dramas and films about families always steal the show. This country, which is still in the Asian region, makes Indonesian audiences feel close to the story offered. There is still a closeness to Korean culture that is still relatable to Indonesian audiences. Therefore, Indonesian audiences are easily connected.

The arrival of a trailer for the latest family film titled Pawn, produced by CJ Entertainment, seems to be a magnet for fans of Korean family-themed films. Moreover, there is the name Sung Dong-Il who is used to playing in films with similar themes. This film by Kang Dae-Gyu also stars famous names such as Kim Hee-Won to Ha Ji-Won. This is not the first time Kang Dae-Gyu has directed a drama film about a dysfunctional family. The film called Harmony is also a film directed by him.

So, it's not wrong if Kang Dae-gyu already knows how to process emotions to deliver an incomplete family story from this Pawn film. It was easy for Kang Dae-gyu to know the rhythm of delivering the story from the film in order to make the audience sympathize with the characters. This is important because the film Pawn invites the audience to follow the life journey of the character that is developing in its 115 minutes duration.

PAWN (2020) REVIEW: The Story of an Intact Family that Makes Tears Fall

The characters meet in a 1993 setting, where Doo-Seok (Sung Dong-Il) is a debt collector who has a co-worker named Jong Bae (Kim Hee-Won). They carried out their duty to collect debts at the company where he worked. Until finally, he bills a mother named Myung Ja (Yunjin Kim). He has one child named little Seung Yi (Park Seo-Yi).

Myung Ja has not been able to pay her debt because her husband ran away with another woman. This made him even more confused because the next day, Myung Ja had to be deported from Korea because he did not have a residence permit because he was from China. Unable to pay, Doo-Seok ends up using Seung Yi as collateral. Myung Ja also has to rack his brains to be able to redeem his son and live with him.

PAWN (2020) REVIEW: The Story of an Intact Family that Makes Tears Fall

The journey to deliver the story with old school settings to the present was not delivered straight away. Kang Dae-Gyu tries to play in his narrative so that the opening scene shows how Seung Yi is an adult who finds out about someone in his past. This scene will easily provoke the audience's curiosity. Because Seung Yi's past has many meanings.

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As the duration of this Pawn film goes on, then the audience will find a common thread about what he is looking for. Until one important moment in the third half of this film, Pawn goes from his warm and fun story to something that rips the hearts of the audience. Maybe the audience who already understands a film with a similar genre will already be prepared for what happens in the third half.

But, still, the audience also can't help but feel all the emotional feelings that have occurred in the revealing conflict in the film Pawn. Especially, Kang Dae-Gyu has invited his audience to be able to connect with each character. From all the ups and downs, changes, to existing developments. From Doo-Seok who tries not to know how to handle Seung Yi's character. Until finally, the emotional bonds were woven until finally they both seemed like a real father and son even though they were not related by blood.

PAWN (2020) REVIEW: The Story of an Intact Family that Makes Tears Fall

In fact, Pawn also used a slightly dark subplot about human trafficking that is rife in Korea. However, despite being in a dark story, the film Pawn is still a very warm family drama. In fact, just walking in the first half of the film, the audience's tears have been invited to participate in the film. Then, it closes nicely with one important quote that refers to the film's title and becomes the main emotional punch in the film.

Pawn is again an entry in a very emotional Korean family drama film that is a must-watch. Prepare yourself and just surrender to all the emotions conveyed in this film. Just a suggestion, just a tissue.

You can watch this film through the GoPlay application with a rental price per film of IDR 35,000.

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