If the world is going to end, there must be a large list of activities that will be carried out.

This is what is discussed in the limited series, starring Maisie Williams. This limited series was made by Gaby Hull with 6 episodes in one season. This series is entitled Two Weeks To Live which you can watch via Mola TV. This streaming application has a wide variety of the latest series in its library and is certainly really cool.

Not only starring the star of the Game of Thrones series, Maisie Williams but also several other names are involved in this limited series. From Jason Flemyng, Sian Clifford, and Mawaan Rizwan. Two Weeks To Live is a limited series made in English, which each episode has a duration of only 25 minutes. So, following the limited series will be easier and more fun. Moreover, this one series has a dark comedy that is so thick that behind all the tragedies in each conflict, the audience will also be invited to laugh at the tragedy.


The story is focused on a woman who has been isolated by human life. He came to town to complete several to-do lists and missions in his life. Yep, that woman is Kim (Maisie Williams), who ran away from home to be able to complete the mission in her life before returning home with her mother, Tina (Sian Clifford).

Kim intends to do it slowly until he can finish everything. However, in the middle of his activities, at a bar, he meets Nicky (Mawaan Rizwan) and his brother, Jay (Taheen Modak). They became close until finally, Jay lied to Kim that the world was coming to an end in 2 weeks. The panicked Kim immediately finished his important mission first involving his father who was dead and his dark past.

This is where all the conflicts started. This one series will invite the audience to explore various kinds of mysteries, lies, and various kinds of stories that were never expected before. At the same time following the journey of the character Kim with all the list of activities that must be done before the world ends with all these reasons.


This limited series will be dominated by stories that are more comedy. So, even with its various serious conflicts, the packaging of the series is indeed very light and is made so that the audience will continue to be entertained in every episode. With a story premise that may seem trivial, the series delves into every reason interestingly. So, every episode will make the audience surprised because there will be other secrets revealed. Not only about the mission, but also about the character, especially about the background story of the main character. So, just get ready.

It's also interesting to see this Maisie Williams play a different role than what she did in Game of Thrones. His acting performance as Kim, a character whose life is locked in a forest and who has just come to this city has convinced the audience. Even though he still appears as a figure who is clever to play with a sharp weapon or rifle, the innocence of his character that has to be conveyed by the audience has brought laughter. Without a great performance from Maisie Williams, Two Weeks To Live wouldn't be this fun to follow.


Jadi, Two Weeks To Live  adalah limited series yang menarik untuk diikuti. Singkat, tapi setiap episode-nya memiliki beberapa kejutan dengan misi-misi yang unpredictable. Kalo mau nonton serial ini, bisa langsung langganan akses ke Mola TV dengan harga Rp12.500 saja untuk 30 hari. Yang mau Nonton limited series ini bisa langsung ke So, Two Weeks To Live is an interesting limited series to follow. It's short, but each episode has a few surprises with unpredictable missions. If you want to watch this series, you can directly subscribe to access to Mola TV for only IDR 12,500 for 30 days. Those who want to watch this limited series can come here directly.

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