Roman mythology and other historical matters can be very interesting to read. Especially when talking about how the City of Rome was formed. Of course, you cannot escape the story about Romulus and Remus. For those who really like medieval-themed stories that explore the historical side of a city, Mola TV has a mini-series that you can watch there.

Romulus, a mini-series made by Matteo Rovere, each episode has a duration of 1 hour. It is interesting to follow the story offered by Matteo in this Romulus series. Of course based on a true story about how the city of Rome was formed. However, this cannot be the main benchmark for the audience to know exactly how the history of the City of Rome is.

But, at least through this one series, the audience gets something interesting and gets an outline story about the development of one of the largest cities in Italy. What makes this television series even more interesting is how the stories are told in the original language. So, ancient Latin is the language used for every dialogue of this film. This is what makes this one series even more interesting and feels more authentic to tell the story about the beginnings of this interesting city of Rome.

The story of this series starts from a major disaster that hit 30 tribes there. They have to experience drought which is quite long and makes them unable to enjoy clean water for their daily life. Of course, this is a big problem in their country. Therefore, several great kings tried to gather to solve the problem by waiting for instructions from the gods.

Someone had to make a sacrifice so that this drought would end soon and the one who made a sacrifice was King Numitor. He had to exile and give the throne to his twin grandchildren, Enitos and Yes. However, the problems don't stop there. Because there are many problems that are conveyed in this series until the conflict ends.

What's interesting about Romulus is that they have many branches of the story with one main conflict in common. Has 3 different points of view from the characters about the conflicts throughout the series. From the story of the exile of King Numitor, then how Yemos and Wiros took part in all his problems, to a different point of view from a female priest named Ilia.

Of course, the many points of view and characters in this series will make the stories in it even richer. Making each episode even more interesting to follow, especially for people who like series with similar types of stories. The complexity of the story will also increase, especially since this story also has a basic story from the same history.

Not to mention the other elements in this series that are interesting to watch. Starting from a magnificent and convincing production set. So, the audience will also immerse themselves in enjoying the story that feels so real. Because they can build the feel of the 8th century BC with such detail on a fairly massive scale. Moreover, it is supported by the selection of actors and actresses who come from Italy with the use of language that feels more accurate.

Obviously, this is one of the interesting series that streaming platform Mola TV has. Moreover, this streaming platform is official because it collaborates with Sky Italia to broadcast every episode of Romulus simultaneously. So, just subscribe to Mola TV, only Rp. 12,500.00 and get access for a month. For those who want to watch the series, you can go directly here.

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