Who knows J.K. Simmons, through his appearance in the film Whiplash, became a cruel music teacher and was immediately amazed by his acting, this time he will amaze you with his series. J.K. Simmons played in a series made by Justin Marks. This time, not as a music teacher anymore, but as an agent who is solving the case he is handling.

A series starring J.K. Simmons is entitled Counterpart. Consisting of 10 episodes with 50 minutes each, this one series already has its second season released in 2018. For those who are curious, you can try the first season on Mola TV and follow the hunt for someone from a different world who is exciting to follow in every episode.

How not, this one series turns out to explore an alternate universe that was never known before. Use it as a way to be able to catch criminals on the move in order to stop the crimes that are currently ravaging them. Hence, it takes two different universes to be able to do this from the start. Counterpart not only starring J.K. Simmons, but there is also Olivia Williams, Sara Serraiocco, and many more.


Of course, the main focus of this Counterpart series is on the character played by J.K. Simmons. His life as the character Howard Silk was fine at first. Live life as a person who works in a state institution in Berlin. However, he felt the desire to do more in his life. Therefore, he asked his boss for a promotion to be able to get a job that had a lot of responsibility.

The request was granted by his superior. However, Howard was instead faced with a more complicated, bigger, and more shocking problem. In front of him, there is someone named Prime, who is physically exactly like him. After being told, he was himself in a different parallel world. His arrival here is to stop a crime that is about to be committed by someone named Baldwin. He came to threaten the people closest to Howard's life.


For lovers of time travel-themed films, parallel universe, they will surely love this Counterpart. You will be invited to explore mystery after mystery in each episode which is very interesting to follow. As well, they are invited to understand the parallel universe that appears in this series where the timeline of the characters' lives is concurrent but there is a point where they have to diverge. So, the output of each character will be different.

Therefore, two different characterizations emerge in this film. There are Howard and Prime, who are both played by the same two people. With the clever acting performance of J.K. Simmons, he could transform into two different people in the same frame. He also managed to convince the audience that they are two different characters with different fates and lives.

Counterpart will also invite the audience to delve into the character's past in a personal way. So, viewers who will enjoy this series will also sympathize with each character. Not only the main protagonist and supporters but also the antagonist character who also shows a vulnerable side in his life.


Every pastime of each character turns out to be important to follow because it can be a way to enjoy the parallel universe in this one series. Being the main conflict in his search mission so that once watching Counterpart since the first episode, you will immediately be addicted to knowing the end of the story.

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